home sweet home

Long Island City has a new resident! The Theatre Development Fund and its expansive collection of costumes now resides in a spacious warehouse owned and operated by Kaufman-Astoria Studios! The high-volume collection is unfortunately not open to view by the public, but is open for rentals to not-for-profit theatre companies, schools, community and religious groups, as well as film and television productions. Welcome!

Thanks to Brandi at Why Leave Astoria for the article!

Well Hello There.

So, in an attempt to make sure people in the library and archives world actually know I exist, I’m going to try and maintain this blog. I am notoriously hesitant to boast about myself or display my opinions widely to the masses, but times, they need to be a-changin’.

Once I become a little more familiar with the mechanics of this site, I’m sure the posts will resemble that of a normal blog without all the unnecessary blabbering.