BooksBooksBooks. And some Tweets.

Library_booksI’ve been on Twitter for a while ( @janineveazue ), and I really dig the way I’ve been able to increase my awareness of so many amazing inventions, lectures, projects, and people who are working towards book Nirvana. Passing that information around is the most fulfilling game I could ever play.

That being said, my office has just started up a Twitter feed ( @BN_Collectibles ) to highlight various items in our collection, talk about books with other book folks, and maintain a friendly relationship with those who might be interested in purchasing some of our fine titles. Acting as a social media marketer for a brand other than myself is quite new to me, and so far I’m not quite sure when my ‘voice’ should appear and when the voice of the company should step through.

I’m excited and ready for the challenge, but I’d love some recommendations from those of you out there who are also responsible for your company’s social media presence!

Holla back! (And Follow back!)


Where oh where…

Gah! So sorry I’ve been absent from this lovely place. Yes, the daily images have been rotating, but alas, Twitter has won over the long form of information sharing. In order for my fingers to get back into the swing of things, let’s simply recap with a few life highlights and some select Twitter findings that are rife for the clicking. Enjoy!

  • Started Interning at the Explorer’s Club, checking quality of previously processed collections and soon will begin some original processing of my own!
  • Gearing up for a fun trip to Austin to visit some friends. The bf and I see pinball, honky-tonk, bbq, line dancing, and the lovely Harry Ransom Center in our future!
  • Visited a great new Science Fiction bookstore in Brooklyn called Singularity & Co., which is filled with whimsy, dedication, and floor to ceiling copies of the most colorful novels I have ever seen. A MUST see.

Alrighty. Here come the Tweets:

Enjoy! Click away! I’ll return soon, I promise.