Preservation Week isn’t just for Archivists! From the helpful minds over at the State Archives of North Carolina AND the State Library of North Carolina, here are some handy tips to keep your records safe and usable for years to come!

History For All the People

This week is National Preservation Week and our sister organization the State Library of North Carolina is doing a series of preservation related posts over on the Government and Heritage Library Blog. Two new things they are talking about as part of that series are their YouTube tutorial about preserving Facebook data and the CINCH (Capture, Ingest, & Checksum) tool, which will help to automate the process of file preservation.

Another of the State Library’s posts gives an excellent handout version of our tips for preserving your own papers and records. Here are some of the most important things to think about:


  • Keep your temperature and humidity stable.  Ideally, keep your temperature at 72 deg. F. and the relative humidity in the 40-55% range.  Fluctuations in humidity are more damaging than fluctuations in temperature.  No record likes to be too hot, dry, or damp.  If you…

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