Getting all dolled-up for space

Nasa History Office’s Twitter feed (@NASAhistory) posted this amazing photo today. It’s those quiet moments, those you only see in candid photos like this one, that really make the magnitude of space travel sincerely personal and real.

“@NASAhistory: #behindthescenes Before he could blast off in Friendship 7, John Glenn layered up as he donned his spacesuit”

Courtesy of NASA, and the NASAhistory twitter feed.
Courtesy of NASA, and the NASAhistory twitter feed.


Add this to the list of handcrafted things I want to try

This week, at THATCampCAA, participants created an online Art History Flashbook highlighting various historical eras of art, along with several processes and links to further study.  Two items which were particularly interesting to me were short, succinct historical video tutorials on albumen and tin-type photography, courtesy of the George Eastman House.

*Disclaimer: I was not part of this amazing digital creation, I am merely celebrating the amazing work that went into such a detailed resource!

I would re-post these everyday if I had the time. Add this to the list of handcrafted things I want to try.

Mark Osterman-Making a Tintype:

Albumen Print Process

Vintage 1920s mugshots

Volumes of stories in every photograph. Worth a few minutes to scan the whole collection. 

Thomas Craig, Raymond Neil (aka “Gaffney the Gunman”), William Thompson and FW Wilson, January 25, 1928. Photograph by The Sydney Justice & Police Museum

Did these photos tell you any stories?

  • Most every man is wearing quite a dapper suit with matching hat. So defined for such a deplorable occasion.
  • The interior shots are taken from just about every angle, with the only consistency being the photographer’s direction: one close-up shot, one shot of the individual standing next to a chair. A far cry from the exact metadata we require for the same photos today. Also, almost every photo seems to be lit by natural light.
  • Many first names are truncated to a single initial.
  • Several ‘aliases’ are included, as they were most likely the primary name for the individual.