And yet another job-seeking resource cache

This time, from Kiyomi, over at! She’s graciously brought together several articles from various external sources that cover:

  • why you didn’t get that interview
  • overused resume and interview buzzwords
  • interview mistakes/ red flags

plus other basic habits and good form practices that at the very least keep you in the pile and not in the circular file.



Job offering

Recently I’ve been jumping from one conference to another, and in-between, attempting to fit in as many lectures and workshops as my time and wallet will allow. I understand that many institutions will waive the fee for most employees if they are interested in attending specific events, but unfortunately I don’t have that luxury.

I propose a new vocation for my near future: I will go to your conference for you. I’ll take notes, livetweet, and wear a badge with your company’s name on it. All you have to do is comp me some airfare, and hotel/entrance fees. Yeah, I know, it’s a pipe dream, but hear me out. I love learning. So do you, but you can’t be there.

Hah! This is ridiculous, I know. But think how awesome it would be to send a conference surrogate! You can get work done AND bring back something for the next share-holder’s meeting!

a word about online applications

Today I applied for an archiving and exhibits position at a major entertainment company. High profile, so they MUST have to filter hundreds of applications for each position. I understand. And, in all fairness to them and their search, they’ve used a third party company to create an online application process. Wonderful.

Each section was cleanly laid out and simple to understand. Each section took me minutes to fill out, which is great for me, and even great for them, due to their forethought to streamline.

Once filled out, however, each page took 5 minutes to load a new one. 5 minutes!

I appreciate their weeding process, thinking that those who ‘aren’t really dedicated to getting the job won’t take the time to finish the application,’ but when it takes nearly an hour to fill something out that should only take 20 minutes….

They better agree to my salary request.

The Job Hunt Begins.

I have a full time job. Words cannot express how lucky I am to have a full time job. However, it’s come to my attention that this is not really the job that I’ll looking forward to having for the rest of my life. What to do, what to do. Here begins the job hunt, or what I like to call, ‘Digital Purgatory.’

All religious connotations aside, modern job hunting consists mostly of form filling, file attaching, and finger-crossing, as hundreds of others wait patiently with me in a collective stream of Inbox refreshing. Granted this is saving me on buying stamps as well as fancy, textured resume paper.

After sending out several application packages and personal emails, I’m ready. I’m ready for you, waiting game. Show me what you’ve got.