professional Rumblings

Last night was the 25th Anniversary of the WWE Royal Rumble. For those unacquainted with the world of professional wrestling, each wrestler exists as its own character. Each has a back story, a character profile, enemies, friends, and allies. These can change multiple times during a season, creating new ties, breaks, and plot twists.

Gets me thinking: Consistency, whether its a character in a novel, a comic, a sitcom, or even wrestling, is essential to the reaction it illicits from the audience. Who keeps track of all of this? Does the WWE have an Information Specialist with a database on the ready? Are they still using paper files to keep everything on track?

Knowledgeable wrestling fans out there, teach me!

And from upon high, Apple did grace us with all that is good and awesome…


StuckUp Stickers, iPhone App for Finding & Sharing Street Art Stickers

Finally Apple has finally convinced me that there was a valid reason for buying an iPhone. Thank you mighty designer overlords, I bow onto thee and retract any statements of ill-will or snobbery.


[…Although, it does commercialize the coolness of sticker art. Well, perhaps I can look past that-or just use that 1000Memories app to create my own sticker photo album…]

Information Retrieval Challenge!

Image Courtesy of LifeHacker

The efficiency-minded side of GAWKER, LifeHacker, recently posted a challenge they found deliciously intellectually-stimulating. Fresh from Daniel Russell’s weekly Search Research column, we are presented with an internet search that tests not only the strengths of our favorite search engine, but of our own inquisitive methodologies when it comes to mining for information online.

Take the challenge here!

Daniel Russell is a scientist at Google, where he studies how we search for things online and what it means about the future of accessibility and our cultural habits. His blog not only provides statistic insight on Google’s performance and sustainability, but could also prove a valuable resource for any Reference Librarian who finds themselves struggling with teaching proper online research skills and/or specific patron information retrieval.