Would you buy a bendable e-book if/when it became available? Why? The weight and size difference? The clarity? The usability? Just as a novelty?…


From Phys.org:

LG Display has set the production clock ticking for a plastic EPD (electronic paper display) product which in turn is expected to set e-book marketability fast-forward. In an announcement Thursday, Korea-based LG Display, which manufactures thin film transistor liquid crystal display, said it has already started up mass production of EPD for e-books. That leaves little guesswork as to the form factor and no suspicions that LG Display might instead be sending out vapor about a futuristic project that is still in R&D.

The company maintains that this will help “greatly popularize” the e-book market,” in the words of Sang Duck Yeo, who heads operations for LG Display’s Mobile/OLED division. The panel features an XGA 1024 by 768-pixel resolution. LG assures that the new screen offers a paper-compatible reading experience. The company says that “As EPD gets thinner, lighter, and more durable with the introduction of plastic…

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Janine vs. the Ereader

I’ve been surrounded by books my entire life. I learned to read before I could walk, and remember titles from my toddler years to this day, many of which still leave me a little breathless when I manage to find them for sale online. My mother is an avid reader of all subjects, mostly non-fiction, and spent the better part of her working life in a school library teaching children Library fundamentals through storytimes, lessons, and interactive social games.

I now, however, live in New York City, which means tight rooms, long staircases, and semi-frequent relocating. Each time I’ve moved, the number of book-filled boxes increase. I love my books. I love reading. But my apartments dont. It’s time for an Ereader.

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