Proof Positive.

Archives are cool, and the folks at Shorpy’s and Lists of Note have proved it once again.

I share with you good people of the Internet, the charter of the AntiFlirt Club.

  1. Don’t flirt: those who flirt in haste oft repent in leisure.
  2. Don’t accept rides from flirting motorists—they don’t invite you in to save you a walk.
  3. Don’t use your eyes for ogling—they were made for worthier purposes.
  4. Don’t go out with men you don’t know—they may be married, and you may be in for a hair-pulling match.
  5. Don’t wink—a flutter of one eye may cause a tear in the other.
  6. Don’t smile at flirtatious strangers—save them for people you know.
  7. Don’t annex all the men you can get—by flirting with many, you may lose out on the one.
  8. Don’t fall for the slick, dandified cake eater—the unpolished gold of a real man is worth more than the gloss of a lounge lizard.
  9. Don’t let elderly men with an eye to a flirtation pat you on the shoulder and take a fatherly interest in you. Those are usually the kind who want to forget they are fathers.
  10. Don’t ignore the man you are sure of while you flirt with another. When you return to the first one you may find him gone.

[(Source: Shorpy, via P. Robbins; Image: The club’s “charter members” in 1923, via Wikimedia.)]


Brooklyn, Robots are moving in!


According to the regional interest site, GowanusYourFaceOff, the Brooklyn Robot Foundry signed a lease for a brand new space near the area’s fond and iconical canal.

If you’re a parent, or know of some inquisitive kids looking for a unique outlet for exploring science and robotics, check them out! For more information, class sign-ups, or to keep active with any future additional events, click here!


ALA member?

If you are a member of the American Library Association, please consider joining the LibraryLab, BoingBoing’s latest partnership with the ALA and Librarians everywhere!

Oh, the glorious geekdom venn diagrams that can be formed between these two powerful groups!


From the Library BoingBoing ALA member page:

Proposed Mission:

To bring librarians and Boing Boing readers (aka, Happy Mutants) together to generate support for and raise interest in libraries via projects at local libraries.

Proposed Goals:

  • Help find and propose content about libraries that could be posted to Boing Boing.
  • Provide active ways for Happy Mutants to support and get involved with their local libraries (eg, toolkits, best practices, ideas for local projects).
  • Create dynamic programming at library conferences that Library Boing Boingers can then take outside of the library community to promote libraries (eg, SxSW, local community events, etc.).
  • Work together to help Happy Mutants advance our shared interests (eg, copyright reform, net neutrality, game culture, digital divide issues, open government, etc.).
  • Coordinate an international community of librarians working with their own Happy Mutant groups.