…A record for…

…A record for an obscure pamphlet may never be directly used, but it will stand for decades, maybe centuries, as the signpost to that pamphlet. A blog post is a bit of flotsam thrown into a sea of unstructured data.

Amy Turner, Original Cataloger in the Cataloging and Metadata Services Dept. on the pros and cons of blogging. 

I’ll keep blogging until I too get to create structured historical records. When that happens, we’ll see.

Information Retrieval Challenge!

Image Courtesy of LifeHacker

The efficiency-minded side of GAWKER, LifeHacker, recently posted a challenge they found deliciously intellectually-stimulating. Fresh from Daniel Russell’s weekly Search Research column, we are presented with an internet search that tests not only the strengths of our favorite search engine, but of our own inquisitive methodologies when it comes to mining for information online.

Take the challenge here!

Daniel Russell is a scientist at Google, where he studies how we search for things online and what it means about the future of accessibility and our cultural habits. His blog not only provides statistic insight on Google’s performance and sustainability, but could also prove a valuable resource for any Reference Librarian who finds themselves struggling with teaching proper online research skills and/or specific patron information retrieval.

Rip Van Veazue reawakens from her blogging haitus.

Oh final Master’s research project, how you’ve occupied too much of my time.

Alas, I have returned. My paper is due tomorrow, and I plan to post a lovely (to me) and silly (to everyone else) photo of either me handing in the paper or just the paper itself in the appropriate dumping pile. [QC GSLIS office ladies, I’m looking at you for your help with this…]

Anyhow. Tons of stuff on Twitter since I’ve been gone, but now, I’ll continue with my postings of new, neat, and out-of-the-ordinary book, ephemera, and library things found on our dear interwebs.

Happy Holidays to the three people that read these posts!

Blogs of Interest

Today I’ve added some other Internet gems for you to peruse. The folks who run these sites are not only entertaining but demonstrate a real knowledgeable dedication to history at large. Book, manuscript, and audio/visual people all, they deserve a toast. Herehere!