Janine vs. the E-Reader

As promised in the blog post with the same title, I am attempting to log the books I purchase based on their format. Perhaps this experiment will not only help me understand my reading habits, but also help me better utilize my ereader, which I so desperately don’t want to get bored with (due to its costly sum). Time permitting, I will also try to justify why one format was chosen over another, and how I expect my reading experience to change either way.

Note: I also work in an office that gives me the opportunity to take home one free book per week. This book is of my choosing, but must be taken from the existing collection. Sometimes I strike it rich, sometimes I save up my choice for another week, looking for that one gem. Hoarding is possible, as well, although with the new year, I’m trying my hand and keeping it to a minimum.

PRINT PURCHASE-Appetite for America: Fred Harvey and the Business of Civilizing the Wild West–One Meal at a Time
This is a result of a very generous Amazon.com gift card present from my bf’s mother. Technically I didn’t pay for this, but someone did, which is why it falls in this category. It is also available for Nook reading, but since this is something I believe is both a fine historical research title AND something that I know friends will want to borrow, print won.
PRINT FREEBIE- Travelling Heroes: In the Epic Age of Homer
PRINT FREEBIE- A History of Histories: Epics, Chronicles,…
PRINT FREEBIE- Parker, I.J., The Hell Screen
I have an unnatural obsession with Japanese mysteries. What I don’t have though, is an obsession with keeping them in my personal library. They are great, but like most mysteries, they lose the glamour after the first read. This is a freebie for the week, but I’ll be returning it to work in a few days after its done.

EBOOK- Lord of the Rings Trilogy
This is out of pure laziness and frugality. I own a lovely collection of all three of these novels bound together. I had a friend who gave me a (free) ecopy of the same edition. The booklover in me would love to carry around the print edition and feel the physical progress of page turns. The commuter in me, as well as those commuters leering around me on the subway would rather I just hold one slim electronic doohicky. Case closed.

EBOOK-The Night Circus
I’ve been hearing nothing but awesome things about this. I’m wary of the reviews of ‘heartfelt’ and ‘romatic,’ though. We’ll see valued friends, we’ll see…

EBOOK-Machine Man
Max Barry is a name I haven’t heard or read in ages. I’m stoked to read another awesome contemporary sci-fi-ish tale of absurdities and unique plot twists!

The Family Fang
The Tiger’s Wife
Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children
Some good old-fashioned giftcards came my way, and to the ebooks they went. Fiction ebooks go down easy these days, especially due to the fact that we haven’t assembled our bookshelves, and I’d rather not have to trip on all these paperbacks.
A Visit From the Goon Squad
The Magician King
All three of these I read out of reluctance. I had a touch of interest in them when they first came out, I forgot about them, and then I came across some good online deals for the e-copies. Why not, I said. Eh. Goon Squad’s point of view switching was interesting and kept me motivated to read, but I’m still stuck on page 80 of Parrot and Oliver due to uninspirational character development. I’m not sure if I’ll return. I read the first Lev Grossman novel, The Magician, with some excitement. It was a strong read, albeit an angsty 20-something combination of The Name of the Wind (Rothfuss) and the Harry Potter series. So far, the second novel is going steady, but so did the first.
The Paris Wife
The People of the Book
This is something that I’ve always had on the back-burner, but never actually got around to. Sooo many respected reader friends said this was excellent, and that might be why it’s been on the to-read shelf for so long. When SO many people love a book unconditionally, it’s hard for me to go right out and read it. What if I dislike it?! Oh man, sometimes hell hath no fury like a reader scorned. Here I am. I’m going for it now that the coast is clear…
The Sisters Brothers
I’m a sucker for a good Western, and many of the contemporary-written Westerns have actually been quite enjoyable. This one was slow in plot, yet heavy in character. Not a waste of time, but something to savor, like a fine barkeep’s swill.
Lightning Rods
Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
Oh, so many times I’ve been told to read this. SO MANY! Finally getting around to it. It’s not bad, although as I write this I’m fairly early in the story and character development. Can’t seem to get my head around why ‘The girl’ is so strange. I guess in the Netherlands, punk ideologies and fashion in the normal sector is just cah-raazy. We’ll see how this pans out.

Plowed through volumes 1-7 of Irredeemable, and now on to the second collected volume of IDW’s Locke & Key. There’s just something about physical comics that make me giddy. I’ve tried reading them digitally, (and I”m sure soon I’ll have to (as the bf only has purchased the rest of Irredeemable from Comixology), and it’s just not the same. Often the dialogue bubbles are too small and pinch-expanding the images results in a distracted reading experience.

It’s been SO LONG since last updating. Many apologies to all. Let’s see what I can remember:

So many ebooks, so little time:
I’ve started a new internship, and that means carrying my laptop uptown twice a week. Bag space is limited, but my brain still needs to boogie. See also: new commute means meaner Midtown folks who don’t take lightly to people with multiple bags and the need to balance a book while straphanging…

Beat the Reaper
Packing for Mars
Gods of Gotham
Locke & Key
A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 3)

Books that I get from work are in print. Most of the ones I take these days are manageable paperbacks that are kind to my wrist during commuting. I was elated that I found these. They were amazing, and perhaps a bit enhanced with the luxury of flipping physical pages. (I hugged the Tom Thumb book after I finished it. It was THAT GOOD.)

The Autobiography of Mrs. Tom Thumb, A Novel
Ghost Map
A People’s History of Science
Starman: The Truth Behind the Legend of Yuri Gagarin
Read this book. As soon as possible. It’s amazing from both the science AND historical perspective!

A friend and I went to a library conference in VA a few weeks ago and I found myself with an overnight bag, a lot of bus riding time on my hands and very little patience for carrying a donkey’s load. I managed to read about 10 comic issues on the iPad, guilt-free. My brain was happy, my back was happy, and the bus driver was happy that I didn’t take up aisle space with extra luggage.



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