American Museum of Natural History

Please click on the highlighted collection titles for full finding aids.


Please note: As of August 2014, the Henry Cushier Raven papers is the only finding aid available for public use. The remaining 3 finding aids are currently in queue for proper proofreading and online access.

Henry Cushier Raven papers, Approximately 1912-1944 (bulk 1920-1944)

O. A. Stevens Correspondence

Clifford H. Pope Field Books, 1921-1926 

Vernay Expeditions, 1925-1943 


In addition to these finding aids, processors were encouraged to casually blog about extra materials related to our research. This gave us a unique opportunity to connect with a different, yet still-inquisitive set of readers!

 Henry Raven and the strange tale of the Gowanus whale

[This blog post was also picked up by iO9, a popular science blog owned by GAWKER Media.]

Henry Raven, the King of Expedition Planning

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