From Morning Dresses to Evening Gowns: A Day in Victorian Fashion

Mimi Matthews

“One of the great arts of dressing well is to know that what is appropriate to a morning négligé would be out of place in an afternoon, and would not do at all for the evening.”
Beeton’s Young Englishwoman, 1875.

Individual Collage Images via Met Museum and Philadelphia Museum of Art.

During the Victorian era, ladies of the middle and upper classes changed their gowns multiple times each day.  There were morning dresses, walking dresses, visiting dresses, and evening gowns—to name just a few—each suited for a particular time of day and a particular setting.  The fashionable Victorian lady was well aware of these subtle differentiations and would no more wear a morning dress to dinner than a nightgown to a ball.  So, you may ask, what did she where and when?  In today’s article, we look at a few stylish options from the 1870s.

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