Participate in SAA with Social Media

SNAP Section

By Helen Schubert Fields

Whether you’re attending SAA in Washington D.C. or looking for ways to participate in the Annual Meeting from home, we have several ways to share the experience with other SNAPpers.

Wherever you are:

* Follow – and participate! – in our joint meeting with the Lone Arrangers Roundtable on Wednesday, 8/15 from 5:15pm – 7:15pm via Twitter using #snaplar. Tweets will be displayed during the Roundtable meeting.

* Follow #saa14 on Twitter for tweets from throughout the conference, and session-specific hashtags (e.g. #s101) for sessions of interest. You can find a list of sessions at

* Follow #snaprt and @SNAP_Roundtable for SNAP-related tweets throughout the conference.

* Check out our list of SNAPpers and SNAPallies (aka friends of SNAP) who plan to live-tweet during the conference. You can subscribe to the list itself, or use it to find new tweeters to follow.


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