Posting for a good Coney Island cause!


It’s been a while since we’ve exchanged ideas, but have I got one for you!

Due to Hurricane Sandy’s devastating destruction on Coney Island and its residents, Coney Island USA (the annual organizer of the Mermaid Parade) had to divert most of their funds to bailing out their museum. Heroically, the staff has been chugging away and reconstructing the Museum and Bar to its former glory, and yet there’s more to be done…

How will they ever fund the Parade!?

Here’s where we all come in. We love Coney Island, we love it’s unofficial Mayor Dick Zigun, and we love the parade enough to make sure that not a year goes by without it. Donate to the Mermaid Parade Kickstarter fund in order to keep the celebration of sea creatures of all ages going another year! Tons of cool swag is available for your donations, including tote bags, Kozik illustrations, 3D Coney Island images, and even seashell Pasties! Yes, Pasties!

Watch the promo video at the link below for more information and how your help contributes to the legacy of this truly inspiring seashore community!

Don’t forget to donate and tell your friends!


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