Inspiration- DailyFactoids

Today one of my Twitter friends (thanks, @Kalendaries!) led me to a short article by evening research and instruction librarian Melissa D’Agostino at Towson University’s Albert S. Cook Library. Ms. D’Agostino solved the “large expanse of blank, off-white wall” problem near her desk by posting fun facts she learned while working and talking to those around her. A simple solution maybe, but these personal discoveries evolved into fodder for new conversations and patron/co-worker self-discovery.

Since there are quite a few books in my office that need to be catalogued, I have the freedom to browse and choose my next target. Sometimes the subjects and titles are common, well known, and therefore not too exciting. Lately, however, there have been some gems, where even just a scan of the book jacket leaves me with new knowledge! From here on out, every time I see something interesting, weird, or just new to me, I’ll try to remember to post it. [or you can keep checking back HERE periodically.]

WAIT! Did YOU learn something awesome today? Send me a WP message, or better yet, Tweet it to @janineveazue and I’ll post it there, too! 

[Please supply a web/print source as well, if available!]

Weird facts experiment, commence!


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