NYPL’s ‘Central Library’ Plan

When New Yorker’s heard there would be some changes to their prized research facility, there were celebrations. There were protests. There were questions to how this could all come together, while still maintaining the amazing, stoic ambiance of the NYPL’s 42nd Street location. Now, after all the meetings and compromises, some visuals have surfaced.

Here’s a short fly-through of the new plan, designed by Pritzker Prize–winning architect Norman Foster.


From the press post:

Among the Benefits:

  • More public library space than is currently available in all three locations combined
  • Open 7 days a week, 12+ hours most days
  • Updated facilities for Mid-Manhattan patrons without closing for renovations
  • Books and DVDs to browse and check out
  • Natural light and views onto Bryant Park
  • New spaces for children and teens
  • Classrooms, computer labs, expanded research areas
  • Business Research Center and Job Search resources
  • Expanded spaces for scholars and writers
  • Research materials properly preserved beneath Bryant Park
  • Savings that can be spent on new librarians and curators and more books


Read the full NYPL post for more information and links on Project Details, Floor Plans, and a workflow Timeline


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