What makes a good leader?

Good leaders come in all forms.

Some are subtle, setting invisible paths which employees find pride in their own successes. Some are obvious, making sure that their plans are outlined and deliberate, encouraging others to meet raised expectations. Both strive to maintain a cycle of excellence and ingenuity, which ensures that a department moves ever forward and upward.

Leaders need not be omnipotent, but they must be humble. It takes a smart and open leader to learn from their employees, and through that learning, create an environment that benefits everyone. While encouraging new and industrious ideas, a good leader keeps a broad picture of a department’s greater goals and benefits to staff always in mind.

When leaders cannot perform to the best of their ability for a department, it is not the responsibility of the employees to ‘take up the reigns’, it is up to the leader to either improve or restructure.


Employees, take a look at at yourself AND your leaders. What methods encourage you to keep working to your potential? How do you measure your personal workplace triumphs? Glean both their positives and negatives, for one day it will be your turn to organize, motivate, and take responsibility for departmental/project successes and failures.


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