Humble thanks.

I know I’m not the most frequent blogger, and due to that, more attention to WordPress has been added to my attainable New Years Resolution list (depending of course on what the Mayans have store for us in a few weeks).

I just wanted to take some time and thank all the blogs that I’ve ‘Reblogged’ from. You all are my inspiration, with your unique viewpoints, titillating subject matter, and command of WordPress layouts. If you feel that I have unfairly used your content on my blog, or have not credited you where so much credit is due, please let me know, and I will of course attempt to right the wrongs.

My blog is not only a vessel to disseminate my own discoveries, but to share yours as well. The more eyes that see, the more brains that know, and hopefully the more discoveries discovered. Thank you again, and let’s keep sharing!



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