It’s what’s inside that really counts

So recently, Google and Google Maps have created the option for retailers, museums, airports, etc. to upload indoor floor maps to their already-existing Google Map locations. Awesome, right? For example, let’s take The Mall of America, a frequently visited yet-oft-lost-in location. Here’s a screenshot from a GoogleMaps  Blog page from before, and then with the new features:

See how awesome the additional detail could help a shy, confused customer? 

I’m sure folks have already thought about this, but wouldn’t this feature really be excellent for libraries as well? Some libraries are so large and so filled with wonderful things, that a patron could easily get lost, mesmerized, or sidetracked from their intended purpose; Sometimes librarians are too preoccupied with another request to give simple directional assistance; Sometimes patrons just want to explore on their own!

Library map features could include:

  • Floors labeled by call numbers
  • Locations of specific pieces of art, terminals, and Info spots with real, live help
  • Locations of self-service checkouts (if any)
  • Locations of bathrooms
  • Locations and links to any archives or special collections
  • Hours of Operation, Exits, and how to sign up for a library card

It’s really up to the library and how they cater to the community! What do you all think? Does your library have something like this already? Let me know!


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