The Green Library: Combating budget cuts and saving the world


You’ve probably seen the article about the abandoned Walmart being transformed into a public library the size of two and a half football fields (wow!).

They took an unused space and turned it into something beautiful and highly useable: it is a mentality that I think the green movement should pursue more intentionally.

But it is also a mentality that libraries should look more into, especially since funding is down and demand (for certain services) rising.  The article on PSFK  only said that this was ‘affordable’ to construct, but I imagine it would be very affordable. The structure already existed and was not exactly prime-real estate but tons of square footage… Just look how open and welcome the library is!

The focus of this blog post is to look at several libraries that have upcycled, altered or redefined spaces and material for affordable, functional, and beautiful designs.

First up…

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