Eleventh Stack

Nothing would please me more right now than to craft a wonderful and insightful blog post for you to read and enjoy. Something that might edify as it entertains, inspiring you, dear reader, to explore a book or perhaps a whole genre of fiction or non-fiction, possibly providing you with new knowledge or a fresh outlook, or maybe rekindle a faded interest in something you may have once enjoyed.

I would like to do that but it’s too hot. It’s just too hot. The AC is going full blast and it’s barely making a dent. When this posts on Monday there may be a slight lessening in the hot front straight from the yawning, fiery chasms of perdition, but as of right now, it’s too hot.

When I get hot, when I suffer under the blazing sun and swim though stagnant, humid air, I get angry. It is a primal…

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