“Lighting the Past”, a new initiative for the cataloguing of the rare books of the University of St Andrews, launches!

Echoes from the Vault

Last Wednesday, 13 June 2012, the University Library unveiled its plans for the online cataloguing of the large backlog of rare and early books found in the Department of Special Collections. This initiative, branded Lighting the Past, will address the 150,000 books not currently represented in the University Library’s catalogue, SAULCAT, or in larger databases such as COPAC and WorldCAT.

This project was initiated by the University Librarian, John MacColl, and has been organized by a steering group including Norman Reid (Head of Special Collections), Janet Aucock (Head of Cataloguing), Elizabeth Henderson (Rare Books Librarian), Daryl Green (Acting Rare Books Librarian & Rare Books Cataloguer) and Jeremy Upton (Deputy Director of Library Services) with advice having been given by Jennifer Schaffner (OCLC Research Program Officer). This group has devised a two phase approach that will provide an efficient and accurate way of dealing with this large backlog…

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