Fraser Valley Regional Library’s (BC, Canada) Library Live and On Tour

Thanks to BoingBoing for alerting the masses!

The Fraser Valley Regional Library set out to  ‘create a mobile initiative to promote adult literacy’–and they did just that!

The result is a mobile initiative that delivers the library to people who do not know about our libraries or have some obstacle to visiting them. Unlike bookmobiles, Library Live and On Tour stresses service through community development, access to information, adult literacy advocacy, and awareness, rather than being exclusively about books.

Check out this local news segment, which features  Smitty Miller, Fraser Valley Regional Library Community Development Librarian and her outlook for taking the more ‘alternative’ parts of their Library to the community.

Attracting patrons with stereo beats and video games is great in itself; what I’m really excited about is the vast array of ereaders and gadgets she’s brought with her for patrons to discover and use. Take the technology to the people, let them try it out in a safe, comfortable environment, and you’ll have an inquisitive learner for life that won’t hesitate to come to you next time they want to try something new. Rock on, Smitty!

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