Personal papers of gaming legend and co-creator of D&D sent to Auction

One of Dave Arneson’s unpublished D&D manuscripts. (Photo: Paul J. Stormberg/The Collector’s Trove)

Thousands of Dave Arneson’s personal effects and those relating to the secrets behind the construction of the most well-known fantasy role-playing game every created were found in an abandoned storage locker and will hit EBAY on May 6, 2012 in a series of online auctions. According to Ethan Gilsdorf (of GeekDad)’s  interview with Paul J. Stormberg, founder of The Collector’s Trove, an Omaha-based online auction agent, the collection of items and papers range from the banal to the astounding. Some of the items highlighted include:

  • “Unpublished manuscripts that did not make it into the final draft of Dungeons & Dragons that date as far back as 1973,” which may reveal unknown secrets as to the game’s origins
  • “Runs of Gygax’s Castle & Crusade Society and Domesday Book newsletters, and Arneson’s Corner of the Table newsletter”
  • “Several rare wargames and role-playing games owned by Arneson, as well as inscribed and autographed copies, editorial and review copies of products, items from Arneson’s library, and his personal play copies.
  • “A series of Empire of the Petal Throne books and journals autographed by the late game designer M.A.R. Barker
For more information, and a more in-depth explanation of the collection, please read the original article at GeekDad.

The first 200 items go up for sale Sunday evening, May 6, and the auction closes a week later, May 13. The Collector’s Trove will begin listing items at 7:30 PM CST. The eBay link is here. For more information, visit The Collector’s Trove.

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