Peanuts and Processing

The Outer Banks History Center of Manteo, N.C. just posted a few of their newly processed and encoded archival collections. This one, which I find particularly interesting, contains letters from The Edenton Peanut Company.  Here is the amazingly interesting and heart-warming abstract (and a picture of a peanut for good measure):

The Edenton Peanut Company was established in 1909 by members of the Wood and
Shepherd families. By the 1930s, Edenton was the largest peanut market in the state and the
second largest in the world. During World War II, Mr. James Wood of Edenton served as the
president of the Edenton Peanut Company. Wood, for whom the company’s flagship product
“Jimbo’s Jumbos” was named, shipped five-pound bags of peanuts to every service member
from Chowan County he could locate. Many wrote thank-you letters back to the company―
some to Mr. Wood, some to other company officers, and some just to the company.
The collection contains thank you letters written in June and July 1943 from men and women
stationed at bases across the United States. The letters contain descriptions of service life,
geography, and social interactions of the time.


If this doesn’t make you want to read these letters, I don’t know what will.

Peanuts! And home-town pride! 


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