New Digital Publication

Primary Research Group has recently published their 2012 Edition of Creating the Digital Library:

From their website:

This report looks closely at the efforts of universities, libraries, library consortia and consultants to digitize books, periodicals, films and other library materials.  The study profiles the efforts of the University of Kentucky, the University of North Carolina, the University of Chicago, Luna Imaging, Inc., Orbis Cascade, the University of Michigan, Northern Micrographics, the California Digital Library, and the University of Pittsburg.

The report helps its readers to answer questions relating to the nuts and bolts of digitization projects such as when to outsource and when to handle production in-house, which type of equipment is most effective, and what quality level should be aimed for?  The study gives detailed descriptions of many current and past projects, along with suggestions and commentary by some of the most distinguished digitizers in academia and beyond in North America today.  The report is organized as a series of journalistic profiles of these major players, as they answer questions relating to marketing, content selection, funding, partnerships, labor training, rights and permissions and many other issues.

All-in-all an amazing resource at just $85, available in both print and PDF formats. What I’d like to see, however, is a website or series of webpages dedicated to highlighting the newest projects released to the public. Just think of the possibilities! Peer-enthusiastic admins making sure that digitization efforts have at least one public page for the masses. This could also serve as a tutorial, or just a portal for others to see what’s happening, how it’s being done, and how things are advancing through forums, blogrolls, etc. Things change so quickly these days, it’s important to understand things as they happen, not always just when publications head to print.

Ahh, digital Eden.


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