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Hot Articles from bX is a new free usage-based service that shows you immediately, based on real usage data, what is hot in your subject.

Similar to the other bX Usage-Based Services, the bX Recommender, Most Popular Articles, and Journal Popularity Report services, Hot Articles is based on usage data from millions of researchers across journals, publishers and platforms

Hot Articles are available in several disciplines including:

  • Business
  • Engineering (biology, physics, etc.)
  • Law
  • Social Sciences (education, sociology, etc.)
  • Many More

Mobile Hot Articles from bX is available as an Android app and coming soon for iOS

Hot Articles in Library and Information Science (March 2012)

via Hot Articles from bx

  • van Zyl, Anria S The impact of Social Networking 2.0 on organisations The Electronic Library; 2009; vol 27; iss 6
  • Huberman, Bernardo Social networks that matter : Twitter under the microscope First Monday

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