The Future of Magazines Should Look a Lot Like Spotify

Originally posted on PandoDaily:

The options we have for reading magazine journalism in the digital format are pretty sad. We live in an era of self-driving cars, augmented reality, and we can keep a map of the entire planet in our pocket, but we are stuck reading magazine journalism the way it has always been presented: in dead print load-dumped onto unfeeling pages, tied up into inseparable bundles (even if they are digital).

Tablet computers may well be the saviors of magazines, but even in the face of declining circulations, magazines are doing little to save themselves. Magazine reading on tablets is proving to be almost as cumbersome as it is on paper, with an anachronistic page-turning mentality baked into the apps and a copied-and-pasted design lifted directly from the versions you buy at the drug store. But the worst part is the distribution.

Take Apple’s Newsstand for the iPad. It’s okay. You can…

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