Indian archives in peril!

Poor storage conditions, sticky fingers, and lack of solid government aid/management now leave several (if not dozens more) archival collections without chance for preservation or location.

From the NYTimes article by Dinyar Patel, quoting historian Ramachandra Guha:

“Archives are the lowest priority for any government,”…“They are staffed by government officials on punishment postings rather than trained professionals.” Furthermore, many institutions are housed in substandard structures. Open or broken windows are common, exposing historical documents to humidity and boiling hot temperatures, while allowing in the elements, insects, and the occasional animal. In the fall of 2010, several scholars were startled to find a monkey wandering through the research room of the National Archives. Termites and bookworms also have gutted the holdings of many institutions.”

For more, please visit the NYTimes article by clicking on the link above. 


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