Help the Smithsonian identify these excellent (women) scientists!

Elizabeth Sabin Goodwin was a scientific illustrator for Science Service in the 1920s. Courtesy of Smithsonian Institution Archives.

Every March, the Smithsonian Institution Archives celebrates Women’s History Month with a digital gallery release of stupendous female scientists, science journalists and engineers. Unfortunately many of these photographs are unlabeled.  These ladies need to be celebrated not just for their photos, but for their achievements and histories!

The images come from a cache of records from a news organization called Science Service. Founded in 1921, Science Service popularized and disseminated scientific information. (It is now called the Society for Science & the Public.) ”It was kind of at the forefront of putting information about these women out there,” says Peters.

But with so many of the photos lacking identification, the Smithsonian Institution Archives decided it would reach out to the public for help in identifying and researching the scientists. Each March, a handful of largely unidentified portraits are posted to the Archives’ Flickr site.

Click here for the story with various Flickr links

Click here to help out!

Crowd-sourcing at its finest!


One comment

  1. Thanks so much for helping us to highlight our efforts to identify women scientists on the Flickr Commons! We really appreciate it.

    As an aside, I just had fun browsing through the various links you’ve been highlighting on your blog. I’ve been reading a lot about the “curate the web” issue and hadn’t yet seen the blog post that you linked to, or the NYT article on Indian archives.

    Catherine Shteynberg
    Smithsonian Institution Archives

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