Dental History-Now in digital form to peak interests and terrify the phobic!

(Courtesy Kornberg School of Dentistry) Green, circa 1920 chair manufactured by Ritter Dental Manufacturing Company.

Now in digital form to peak interests and terrify the phobic!

From Temple University:

Step off the elevator onto the third floor of Temple’s Kornberg School of Dentistry and you will be standing amongst a display of dental antiquities that is commonly referred to as the Temple Dental Museum…

The collection highlights the history of dentistry and the Kornberg School, beginning with its origins as the Philadelphia Dental College in 1863. It includes the cornerstone of the original building; a 19th century Victorian dental office outfitted with period objects and furniture; a varied collection of photographs, posters, dental instruments, equipment, dental furniture and personal oral health care products; as well as the personal possessions of former dental school students, faculty and alumni.

Click here for the TU Press Release

Click here for the digital archive’s homepage

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