Who says archives can’t be both 1. Cool and 2. Seriously Useful?!


Here’s a selection of statistical databases direct from the NCAA.

But first, we also suggest taking a look at these two Twitter streams:

Men’s College Basketball

1. 2011-12 Men’s Basketball Statistics

Four Data Categories

  • Individual
  • Individual Game Highs
  • Team
  • Team Game Highs

Note: Statistics can be downloaded in a number of formats including HTML, ASCII, PDF, and CSV

2. Men: Game by Game Stats for All Division One Teams

3. Men: Final Four Record Books (Since 2000 Season)

4. Men: Basketball Record Books (Since 2000 Season)

5. Men: Archived National Statistics (Since 2000 Season)

6. Men: Archived Team/Player National Ranking Summary (Since 2002 Season)

7. Men: Coach/Student-Athlete Lookup

  • Find a specific coach’s all-time or year-by-year win-loss record (search by name)
  • Find a specific student-athlete’s career or year-by-year…

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