WebWise Recap and Miscellaney, Part 3

Day Two, Continued:

And how could I not include the amazing late-addition that made most of the nights of the conference attendants- Ian MacKay’s mini-keynote explaining his involvement and motivations in creating the Fugazi Live Series archive? Shame on you for thinking I would forget. Pshaw.

This man is amazing. He’s calm, understated, and yet powerfully passionate about himself, his music, and the way it affects others. Oh, and about collecting. SERIOUS COLLECTING. The Fugazi Archive is not a celebrity project. It is his way of giving that live-show experience back to the folks that made it all possible; the audiences. He and his band played for them. They gave him motivation to keep playing, and in turn Fugazi treated their audiences like family; as many of the professionals in the audience walked up and told him throughout his address. I’m not one to plug too much, but you need to take a look at this thing: http://www.dischord.com/fugazi_live_series

After the conference, through some Twitter miracle, I found some folks to grab a drink with. Total strangers no more! Met some of the presenters from the day, got a little shy, ate a few crab cakes, drank a few beers, and throughout the whole night realized that we are all in the same boat–some of us just have a stronger oar.

Day Three: 

The last morning of the conference was all about oral histories! Now I dont have much experience with conducting or providing access to oral histories, but I understand the immense value these archival materials have in the preservation of the human experience. Reading the liveTweets during the presentations, it seems like there were a few others who commiserated over the overall mystery of oral history preservation: “Oral history is a problematic, complex information package that freaks people out – Doug Boyd”

Had to check out and skedaddle out of the hotel at noon, so I unfortunately didnt get to attend the last section of speakers. Heard you guys did great, though!

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