WebWise Recap and Miscellaney, Part 1

So I’ve had a few days to process last week, and I can’t help but still feel honored and inspired. Sign of a good conference, right?

Waiting to depart down to Baltimore my friend (and conference room-share bud) Susie and I ran into one of our old professors from our Master’s program, a sign that not only were we in the right place to pick up the bus, but that right off the bat, we were with like-minded folk. Not many students/recent students attend conferences like this (or so we were told numerous times during the networking downtimes), and we were happy that we took that time out of our schedules to make it happen.

FF four hours later, and we’re there. Baltimore, land of Domino Sugar, Utz, and the city’s patron saint, John Waters. Oh, and the Inner Harbor, home to the conference/hotel, the aquarium which houses a 4-story rainforest, and the U.S.S Torsk, an angry little submarine.

Day One: Unload and eat. It’s pouring and we’re exhausted, so we stumble over to Phillips, known for their ‘award-winning crab cakes,’ and unbeknownst to us, the most excitable acoustic-playing, 1990s-music-loving live act this side of the harbor. Phillips is situated next to Baltimore’s own Barnes and Noble and Hard Rock Cafe, both known for their cookie-cutter innards. Interesting about these retail spots however, is that they are all built into an old power plant, which gives the interiors an amazing industrial feel. Makes you think about years past and proper theories on architecture and ecosystems: power plant right on the harbor? sure, why not.

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