Kickstarter as a repository fundraising tool!

This blog posting was brought to you by the motivation of this interesting article!
Seriously, though, you guys. How is Kickstarter NOT a great way to advertise and collected funding for various digitization and community projects for small libraries, museums and archives?!?
I know what you’re thinking. Most of the people in my small town only have internet access at the library itself. I can just tell them about the project when they get there. 
  • True, but if they’re anything like me, I detest being ‘sold something.’ If my library’s public internet portal’s homepage advertised something about donating to Kickstarter, I can decide for myself whether to donate, and how much to give, AND even have to opportunity to do it anonymously, which many people prefer.
  • Or, if I were afraid of giving my CC info to the big bad internet in a public place (because my [fictitious] nephew told me not to), I can email myself a link and have someone help me later, on a more secure machine.
  • AND, if all else fails, you can sell me in person, but I can read about it at my own pace later, savoring the details and possible rewards for donating.
  • AND even though I can donate on the internet, that personal freedom might just motivate me to drop some money in the donation jar on the way out, too–and its the money that counts, right?!

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