Countdown to WebWise 2012

“A signature initiative of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the WebWise Conference annually brings together representatives of museums, libraries, archives, systems science, education, and other fields to explore the many opportunities made possible by digital technologies. WebWise 2012 will take up the theme of “Tradition and Innovation,” investigating how libraries and museums have used digital technologies to help scholars, students, educators, and the general public understand history and the humanities. Taking special note of the unique contributions that historical societies, public libraries, and other small and local organizations make to humanities scholarship and education, WebWise 2012 will surface the challenges these organizations have faced in doing digital work, highlight the often under-appreciated contributions they have made in this area, and bring them into more fruitful conversation with colleagues in larger organizations and in the arts and sciences.” – From the WebWise2012 homepage

Oh man, I am so excited about this week. Not only am I tickled pink that I get to spend two days learning more about digital sharing, creation, and implementation, but there are two special gentlemen that are going to bring out the tittering fangirl in me:

Ian MacKaye and Levar Burton!

Mr. Burton is providing the keynote for the conference, where I’m sure he’ll discuss his lengthy participation and devotion to spreading the joy of reading both on and off the digital plane. MacKaye will be shedding light on the Fugazi Live Series project, which “launched with 130 recordings on December 1, 2011, a project which will eventually make available nearly 900 live recordings spanning the pivotal punk rock band’s career from 1987 until 2002.”

With any luck, I’ll be able to liveTweet some of the discussions, questions, and amazing images I see this week. Feel free to follow @janineveazue for more updates. So far, the conference has been Tweeting from @IMLSWebWise with the hashtag  #webwise . If that changes, I’ll be sure to let you all know.


Charles Thomas, IMLS Senior Program Officer (and self-confirmed Trekkie),  had THIS to say today about his excitement for the conference!

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