Pinterest Personal Archiving, Part 2

A quick little update on using Pinterest!

I’ve been using Pinterest for about two weeks now, and I’m finding the layout, access, and community rather intriguing. Up until this point I had been a devout Tumblr user, relishing in the ability to focus my energies on posting to, in simplistic terms, an online sticker book.

Pinterest provides me with the freedom to categorize my postings so that I can utilize the information within- something that it quite difficult in Tumblr without first providing the proper tags (and then remembering those tags later).  It makes Tumblr the prefect entertainment tool, while introducing Pinterest as a utility. Example: Book cover designer friend using Pinterest for organizing her online inspirations, images, and typographic examples for future use.

One criticism I can offer (which might just be the nature of the beast itself) is my tendency to post purely visual items. Tumblr provides an avenue for textual links and posts, which are akin to blogs. Pinterest seems to be just that, a visual pinboard of images to remember.

Recently, there’s been rumblings about Copyright issues regarding how people post to Pinterest. For one viewpoint, and a bit of background published by The Verge, head over here.

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