Personal Library Lessons from BooksTellYouWhy

I don’t need much in life. Someplace to sit, something to eat, and someone to share it with. Fancy furniture, electronics, and decor aren’t a priority–except when it comes to where my rare books will live. Oh my books, you are so many, how will I ever find the funds to give you a proper, comfortable home? Fear not! With a few excellent home library tips from BooksTellYouWhy, we’re all on our way to becoming a responsible rare book owners, while keeping a few extra dollars for ourselves.

Below are just a few key points to proper rare book-keeping.
For more, and some knowledgable context, read BTYW’s original blog post on their website, HERE.
  • If metal shelves aren’t an option, coat your wooden shelves with a proper sealant to prevent acids from seeping into your books from the wood. The best options are a water-based aliphatic urethane or a clear two-coat epoxy finish.
  • In locations with high humidity, consider ventilated shelving. The additional air circulation can help prevent the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Avoid letting books slouch on the shelf. Any book with a spine wider than three inches, or taller than 18 inches, should be laid flat. The bindings of these books sometimes cannot support the spine, weakening the spine, warping the covers, and damaging the pages.

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