New York Bound Books- now digital!

New York Bound Books once called Rockefeller Plaza their home. Since 1997, however, when they lost their lease, they’ve been building their online presence by documenting the very city they call home. From the website:

As if on cue, when the bookshop closed, I began an annotated reference and guide of the city’s literature from its pre-settlement days to 1950, with descriptions as well as excerpts and illustrations to bring old New York to life. The content is based on New York books and ephemera I came across and catalogued for more than thirty years, as well as knowledge gleaned from dealers’ rare book catalogues, newspaper articles, illustrations and other oddments I saved since the South Street Seaport days. In short, this part of the website is a “bibliopedia” of New York writings., however, will offer much more than bibliographical material. There will be links to relevant booksellers, libraries, archives, institutions and other websites that are largely obscure. New York Boundpublished four books of New York interest in the past, and this tradition will continue.

New York City history thrives on the voices of those who lived it. Every member of this diverse community understands the gradual evolution of their surroundings, and how throughout those changes, small pockets of the original city peek through, maintaining the struggles that transpired along the way.

Please frequent for more historical and current NYC musings. I know I will!



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