anxiety, thy name is Tuesday!

I have an internship interview on Tuesday. I’ll be presenting myself to possibly either one or a small panel of professionals, attempting to win them over with not only my knowledge and experience, but also my inexperience.

The position I’m attempting to win is involved with Archiving, but this time preserving and arranging a form of media that I am not familiar with. The request for interns mentioned that this would be a hands-on learning internship, where the volunteers would work with the Archivists and staff members in a learning environment. The internship facility is known for their knowledgeable staff, updated facilities, not to mention amazing existing collections.!

This field is so varied. Knowledge of preserving and organizing audio, visual, as well as data files is a vital step into the future of Librarianship, Archival practice, and researching. With this experience, my confidence as an Archivist can only soar higher, and in turn provide future employers with a staff member that gets even more excited about providing Archival services to their patrons.

Wish me luck!

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