(Book) Clubbing

I am a natural reader. Even when I was younger, and all the other kids were running and flailing around the backyard, I would be happy in the grass flipping pages, studying colors and words, and just loving the imaginative process of reading.

Websites such as LibraryThing and GoodReads provide the natural readers of today a place where they can not only inventory their vast literary experiences, but also connect with other readers in a friendly (albeit less-than-personal) environment to discuss, argue, and relish in the existence of other bibliophiles.

But what of biblio-friendships before the age of internet technology? We had the Book Club. Choosing a book, getting together, drinking, snacking, and really getting into a discussion of a novel that some liked, some disliked, and if all else failed, most everyone had an opinion on. Or, more realistically, everyone gets a bit tipsy, never read the book in the first place, and uses the weekly/monthly event as an excuse to just unwind.

I like the idea of book discussions-but I also like the fact that reading shouldn’t end up being a weekly chore.

Anyone have experiences with book clubs that they recommend? Things to avoid? Ways to ensure that everyone involved not only enjoys the act of reading the selection but also discussing it?



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