What goes around comes around

This weekend my bf and I moved to another apartment, just a mere block from our previous abode. Sounds simple. Packing up the lives of two people in a way that is 1. space-efficient,  2. logically organized, and 3. easily accessible upon unpacking was an undertaking I thought I have been training for. It’s a little like archiving, only in reverse. The items still need to be accessible to any ‘patron’ needing to ‘answer any question,’ but also needs to fit in the limited ‘repository space’ of the moving truck.

First step was getting it all out. Looking at an empty apartment after load-out, there was quite a ‘high-five-worthy’ sense of accomplishment:


In this instance, though, we’re playing Archivist, Reference Librarian, AND Patron. Not only did we have to assemble our archive, but we had to do so in a way where we could locate specific items upon request, such as the shower curtain AND the curtain hooks, the hammer AND the nails, and even a complete set of sheets. We tried to mark as best we could, but without the time to itemize, our vague, “more product, less process” approach to box inventoried finding aid labels might have not been enough…


Wait, now where are our keys?


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