Coney Island, baby.

Coney Island isn’t what it used to be. It’s true. Long gone are the days where the idea of going to the beach and enjoying a summer day was 1. a luxury, and then suddenly 2. a reality. The days of seedy and free-wheeling creativity, carny-ing, and cavorting, may have evolved; but that doesn’t mean the lore, charm, and frivolity of the seaside has perished. This, however, doesn’t give me hope:

Blogs like Amusing the Zillion, and physical centers of entertainment and learning such as The Coney Island History Project and Coney Island USA Museum, Archive, and Freak Bar are more important than ever during this time of restructuring and construction. Each presents not only a historical picture of the neighborhood, but a unique look at its evolution and its losses and gains throughout that journey.  Although Coney Island has fallen off the public eye as ‘the’ place to go for Summer fun, it’s historical significance must be preserved-not only through vintage souvenirs and postcards, but through the creation of new memories.

Visit Coney. Any time of the year. Seriously. Put yourself in the shoes of those who called the Boardwalk area home so long ago. Imagine the spectacle of seeing the world lit by electric light!




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