the Library Phantom

Several months ago, a librarian at the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh, Scotland found a unique treasure sitting quietly on a reading table. It was a sculpture of sorts, made out of the pages of a book, with a note attached that read, “This is for you in support of libraries, books, words, ideas…,” and was addressed to the Library by its twitter name “@ByLeavesWeLive”.

Chris Scott/flickr

The frequency of these ‘gifts’ remained steady, despite the changes in deposit. In total, the mystery biblio-artist created ten works of literary sculpture, which graced the shelves, tables, and presentation cases of such institutions and events as The National Library of Scotland, a local Edinburgh theater catering to art films, The Scottish Storytelling Centre, twice at the Edinburgh International Book festival, the Central Lending Library, and the Scottish Poetry Library.

Just before December 2011, the last installment of the mysterious artist appeared. Truly a labor of love, with the last installment appearing in the very location the first one was sighted. Read more about this mysterious artist, her intentions, and the road to her discovery.

From ThisIsCentralStation, which includes a link to the original Guardian article.

From NPR, which includes a link to the 2nd, more ‘updated’ installment and denouement.



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