cinematic rants and musings

As an ex-bookseller, I still cringe at movie adaptation/advertisement bookcovers. I understand the fundamental need for them and their connectivity between brands, and yet there’s this lingering distaste for the act of removing a well-designed cover in lieu of something with a moviestar face. Instead of asking for Eat Pray Love, for example, which is a fine book (from what I’m told), people forget that the book ever has  a title: “yah know, that Julia Roberts movie–that’s a book too, right?” Fooey.

That being said, I’m just now starting to formulate an agreement with myself concerning the deluge of books-into-films that we seem to be drowning in. The Librarian part of me is torn. I’m happy that people are watching adaptations of lovely tales, and more often than not are returning to the codex afterwards (or first, before the theatrical release) for enjoyment. What does this say about our cinematic talents, though? Are these films to be taken as sincere homages to the books they mimic, or are we so strapped for ideas, so strapped for a way to exemplify the human experience, that we lazily return to an author that said it right the first time?

All book-snobbery aside, do what you will with the expected releases in 2012, here highlighted by Publisher’s Weekly. I’ll be there, and I might even share some popcorn.


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