Mahna Mahna!

Photo by John E. Barrett. Mahna Mahna and back-up singers © The Muppets Studio, LLC.

If ever there was an exhibit that could bring Cheshire smiles and soggy tear-stained cheeks to each and EVERY viewer, it would be this amazing walk-through at the Museum of the Moving Image. Take a free tour, walk through yourself, or do both. Let the ambition, creativity, and love from Jim Henson sink in and leave inspired and ready to re-watch your favorite Henson films and episodes when you get home.

The Museum of the Moving Image’s gorgeous new site houses the exhibit perfectly, and combines not only sketches and storyboards from Henson and his team, but clips from his early television commercials and children’s shows. Oh, and did I mention puppets? LOTS of puppets.

The Museum has always stood as a living archive of film and television technologies and artifacts. The inclusion of more traveling exhibits like this not only increases their visibility to the public, but gives those in charge of the behind-the-doors archive collections time to curate, catalogue, and organize stronger and more in-depth exhibits for the future.

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