Videogame Archiving

Every MLS program teaches the importance of saving the paper original. Make a surrogate, they say. Preserve the original, they say. No matter if its a photocopy or a digial copy, we know what needs to be done.

What happens when the item is born digital? Archivists and Records Managers have already begun this struggle in the realms of emails, texts, twitter feeds, and blog entries. But what about videogames? Who’s there to save these bits and bites of not only nostalgic entertainment, but evidence of our skills as a society to program, code, and create interactive pieces of art?

Videogame preservation has also seeped into the mainstream by setting up information booths at ComicCons, where they entice gamers with their collections of consoles, games, and ephemera. The following is not necessarily a complete list of repositories, but will give you a small foothold on what is/can/should be done.

National (UK) Videogame Archive

The UT (University of Texas) Videogame Archive

University of Michigan Computer & Video Game Archive

And for those physical Archivists who have a flair for the genre as a whole:

The Arcade Flyer Archive


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