Janine vs. the Ereader

I’ve been surrounded by books my entire life. I learned to read before I could walk, and remember titles from my toddler years to this day, many of which still leave me a little breathless when I manage to find them for sale online. My mother is an avid reader of all subjects, mostly non-fiction, and spent the better part of her working life in a school library teaching children Library fundamentals through storytimes, lessons, and interactive social games.

I now, however, live in New York City, which means tight rooms, long staircases, and semi-frequent relocating. Each time I’ve moved, the number of book-filled boxes increase. I love my books. I love reading. But my apartments dont. It’s time for an Ereader.

Weeks of research and money shifting later, I have myself a Nook Touch. Cheap, durable, light, and open to multiple file formats. Now that the purchasing hurdle is over, I now must train myself to only buy the books that I would like to keep for posterity in print format and resign myself to the digital copy of those that I have a fleeting interest in. For a gal who deems all books sacred, this is going to be quite a challenge. Keep an eye on the new page up at the top for purchasing updates and how I’ve ‘judged’ their place in my world. It’ll also identify my problems (?) with collecting books on every subject imaginable. To the games!

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