Holiday times= internet dead zone.

There I go, promising luxurious blog posts about libraries, archives, and the like, and then I deliver with another few weeks of silence. Well, thankfully for me, I’m sure you, my couple of readers were busy as well, as you trimmed, ate, and relaxed, knowing that there were quite a few postal/bank holidays in your future. Here, for your enjoyment (and a departure from all things bookish), is a wee personal photo gallery of the past few weeks.

Saw Neil DeGrasse Tyson host a live taping of the podcast Star Talk at the Bell House. No, Carl Sagan (obviously) wasn’t there, but come on, how can you resist this excellent jpeg?

I dropped off my final research project, freshly printed and bound by the nice ladies at Staples. Strangely somber, that day. And also strangely damp and cloudy, just like the first day I ever signed up for classes.

The BF and I bought a tiny tree in order to celebrate the Pine holiday in proper fashion. Note the tree topper, which from further examination has revealed itself to be a shark pirate, who wields in one hand a shark’s-tooth dagger and in the other, a sword shaped like a shark. Classic.


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