Shoebox for iPhone

So after years of happy memories with my current phone, time and the constant evolution of operating systems has convinced me that its time to upgrade. I was never a love-at-first-sighter when it came to the iPhone, but current technological needs have convinced me that its time to try it out.

Looking through the App Store, I found this: Shoebox by 1000Memories. Using the iPhone’s new excellent image-capturing software, you can scan photos (marketing focuses on those once lost, now found) and create your own digital ‘scrapbook,’ thereby preserving memories for future generations.

Simple? Sure. What caught my eye was the very presentation they chose. This looks and feels like a photo archive. Scrapbook creators can post their collections online and message family and friends with the link, in hopes that they can ‘fill in the details’ concerning location, time, and names of those featured in the photos. Apple is advertising archiving and metadata construction to the masses in the form of a fun app–that’s FREE.

I can’t wait to see archival integration with this bad-boy. It’ll be glorious!

Check out the manufacturer’s videos here:


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